Monday, June 5, 2017
By City News Service

Travelers at Lindbergh Field will soon be able to order food and merchandise via a mobile application and have the items delivered to their gate, San Diego airport officials announced Monday.

The airport is targeting an August launch for what’s being billed as the first airport-wide service of its kind in the United States. The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority will partner with the e-commerce platform Grab and airport personal shopping service AtYourGate.

“We continually seek to raise the bar on customer satisfaction, and one way we do that is by embracing new technologies that push the envelope,” said Rick Belliotti, director of innovation and small business development at San Diego International Airport. “AtYourGate has the right formula to deliver a high-quality service that can change the way people experience air travel — a cornerstone of our Innovation Lab,” he said.

Grab’s platform allows for travelers to order items and have them ready for pickup upon arrival. With the addition of AtYourGate, such items can be delivered to passengers where they are waiting for their flights.

San Diego’s airport officials said all food and retail items at Lindbergh Field will be included in the service.


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