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GrubPassport™ is unique in the following ways:
We are at the intersection of Food, Travel, Education and Culture and we cater to a global audience curious about the world and eager to explore new ventures. Our inquisitive users are interested in companies and products in industries including:

  • – Restaurant and Food establishments
  • – Online Travel Companies, Cruise and Tour Companies
  • – Hotel and Accommodation businesses
  • – Language Learning Companies
  • – Government Cultural and Tourism Boards
  • – International Money Transfer and Financial Institutions
  • – Beverage companies
  • – Global Consumer Brands
  • – International Non Government Organizations
  • – Automobile Companies


Platinum Sponsors

We offer platinum sponsorship opportunities to advertisers who seek full exposure to all our site visitors with banner ad space featured on the GrubPassport™ Homepage, All Destination Pages and Blog Pages. This is the perfect opportunity for advertisers to fully engage informed and diverse audience of the GrubPassport community.

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Gold Sponsors

We offer gold sponsorship opportunities to advertisers who have a geographic or regional focus. We offer ad space on up to 50 GrubPassport™ Destination Pages. This choice is ideal for advertisers seeking to reach a targeted group of the GrubPassport Community.

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Silver Sponsors

We offer silver sponsorship opportunities to advertisers with a specific country. Advertisers seeking to focus on a particular country could adopt the silver sponsorship ad space allocation and reach a particular niche of the GrubPassport™ community.

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GrubPassport™ often editorially includes links to entities we believe would be beneficial to our audience and will always indicate sponsor partnerships with a color code.

GrubPassport™ adheres to the following:

  • – All ad spaces are subject to availability.
  • – Banner Ads are typically 125 x 125 Sidebar, etc
  • – Advertisers will supply banners and ad copy subject to approval by GrubPassport™
  • – No adult/Gambling ads are accepted
  • – GrubPassport™ typically will use a “no follow” attribute on ads
  • – No refunds on placed ads except for exceptional cases at the sole discretion of GrubPassport™

If you target an audience interested in any of the above or related topics, a sponsorship campaign may work well for you. We are open to customized sponsorship solutions to meet your goals.

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What People are Saying About GrubPassport™

My wife and I travel extensively, between us we have been to five of the seven continents and over 30 countries; and the app are a great resource in our travels! – William, U.S.A is a great destination for learning about exotic cuisines and a great excuse to try out new restaurants in NYC. – Natalie, U.S.A is a beautifully designed site, very easy to navigate and I get to find out about some of the best dishes from around the world and start my culinary conquests. – Tina, U.K.

Learning about the world through the window of food is awesome. rocks! – Dwight, Jamaica

Great site. I look forward to contributing to the GrubPassport community and sharing my travel and food exploits while discovering new things and cultures. – Joseph, South Africa

I love My friends and I will have a friendly competition about who can earn the most Grub points and boast about who has the most cosmopolitan palate. – Kadine, U.S.A

In the global knowledge based world we live in, anytime one can make learning fun and pardon the pun more digestible especially for young people, I am all over it. Kudos to GrubPassport! – Ben, U.K.

When dealing with international clients, I find it is easier to break the ice and build rapport through knowledge of their home foods and culture –especially their national soccer team names. is worth your time because you get to learn these important facts effortlessly. – John, U.S.A

GrubPassport is such a wonderful resource. I do not have the chance to travel as much as I would like, so with, I can seamlessly tour different areas around the globe from a computer. – Mohammed, Ghana has infused some new energy into our traditional Sunday family dinners. I can search for recipes from different regions, and the kids are able to learn about facts about the region. Such a delicious way to educate the kids about different cultures! – Kaine, U.S.A

Excellent resource for date night ideas. I can explore various restaurants with my girlfriend, and she is always so impressed by my knowledge of different countries around the world. is my secret tool. – Mike, U.S.A