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Q: What about GrubPassport™ most inspires you?
A: Well, I went to Grad School at Georgetown University in Washington D.C and because of the proximity to international organizations such as the World Bank, I once lived in a house with 5 people from different countries. We came from different backgrounds but we all learned from each other and developed trust partly due to our interest in cuisine from different parts of the world. I realized then that food could be an important vehicle to promote multicultural learning and serve as a foundation to encourage constructive dialogue in an organic way. In an increasingly global world and with the current emphasis on export led growth around the globe, learning about different countries is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. I humbly believe that if GrubPassport™ could serve as a fun vehicle to encourage cross cultural dialogue and learning that would be awesome.

Q: Is there any particular Grub that describes your personality?
A: Not sure if any Grub fits me perfectly, but Vietnamese Pho is one of my favorite foods. There is something tremendous about eating steaming Pho on a cold winter night where it seems like those noodles grow hands and warmly massage your soul. I also have a weak spot for Nigerian Suya. It is my Grub Kryptonite, I have no defense for it. My taste buds just explode and the spicier the better.

Q: What is your favorite place?
A: I really liked Zurich in Switzerland. I lived there for a little while and I found it to be neat and it is an efficiently run city. The people were friendly and it also helps when it seems like half the population speaks about 5 languages.

Q: What is the coolest National Soccer team nickname you discovered?
A: I really appreciated the reception the South African fans gave the national team- Bafana Bafana during their spirited run at the 2010 World Cup and who can forget the sounds from the vuvuzelas. I think the coolest National Soccer team nicknames has to be a tie between Jamaica’s Reggae Boyz and Trinidad and Tobago’s Soca Warriors. I am biased to the music connection.


Q: What about GrubPassport™ most inspires you?
A: Having a medical background, I have seen the utility of cultural competency in understanding and connecting with patients. Regardless of financial or health status, patients are enthusiastic to reveal some of their savory cultural dishes. So I have come to realize that learning about the cultures of patients not only enhances the interaction with the patients, but continues to open my eyes to the powerful influence of culture on health. From a public health perspective, understanding how to converse with patients in a way that allows them to incorporate healthy eating habits, involves learning about how these healthy habits can be infused into cultural foods. Multicultural education should be tool for health promotion. It is my hope that GrubPassport™ can harness the power of culture and food in a way that allows for a celebration of our diverse backgrounds.

Q: Is there any particular Grub that describes your personality?
A: This would be a tie between Crepes and Pad Key Mao. Crepes are classic yet versatile enough to be used in multiple forms. Whether it is a savory Mediterranean-inspired entrée with arugula, basil, feta cheese, olive oil and sun-dried tomatoes, or sweet breakfast with strawberries, bananas, and almond butter, there are so many healthy, delectable options. When I want to express the spicier aspects of my personality, I opt for Pad Key Mao with Tofu, also known as Drunken Noodles. The Thai basil provide a fresh fragrance, the stir-fry vegetables add a healthy kick, while the Thai Chile pepper really gives my palate a culinary workout. So if I am crying and sweating profusely by the end of the meal, I consider it a successful Pad Key Mao.

Q: What is your favorite place in the world?
A: New York. I once heard former U.S Secretary of State Colin Powell recount a story about a Japanese diplomat telling him that New York is the only city in the world where a tourist could ask him, a Japanese diplomat for directions in Time Square. I think that speaks to the diversity of New York that one can never take for granted. Also the energy of New Yorkers is infectious and the city truly never sleeps! With my golden metrocard, I am one subway train ride away from meeting people from various backgrounds. It is also likely that the best pizza outside of Italy is in New York.

Q: What is the coolest National Soccer team nickname you discovered?
A: I usually root for the United State’s Red, White and Blues during the World Cup tournament, but I think any discussion about soccer has to include the Brazilian National team –Seleção, as they are probably the best or at least the most exciting team to watch in the world.


Q: What about GrubPassport™ most inspires you?
A: Exploring the world deliciously really works for me. As a working mom, I always seek to proverbially kill two birds with one stone. The idea of preparing or enjoying an exotic, tasty dish for my family and also using cuisine as a tool to teach my young boys about the world is absolutely wonderful. I also take pleasure in trying new recipes and cooking new dishes from all over the globe. In college and even at church, I was always enthusiastic about international potlucks and often marveled at how food not unlike music are amazing in the sense that they both define who we are but are most readily shared with and accepted by others. My hope is that GrubPassport™ can not only encourage exciting family dinner table discussions but also provide a recalibration of what it means to live in a truly global village.

Q: Is there any particular Grub that describes/fits your personality?
A: Well my ‘grub-crave’ is usually dictated by my mood. When celebrating or simply excited I like to take a trip to my favorite Peruvian spot for their authentic and scrumptious dishes. However, I find that Indian food especially tandoori chicken with all the various spices and textures appeals to my adventurous side. When one feels romantic, Shrimp Fra Diavalo is a dependable dish. The succulent shrimp sauteed in spicy marinara sauce with white wine and fresh oregano, parsley and basil fills any room with love.

Q: What is your favorite place in the world?
A: I’d have to say that my favorite place is Jamaica. I’m not only captivated by the lush vegetation, the white sandy beaches and the irresistible tropical climate but I’m also intrigued by the spicy Jamaican dishes. Similarly to the local people who are from different backgrounds, the cuisines also incorporate aspects of Indian, Asian, Spanish and African cultures. It is also one of those places where you can just relax and enjoy great music while soaking up the sun.

Q: What is the coolest National Soccer team nickname you discovered?
A: I’ve always been a big fan of soccer and Argentina’s La Albeiceleste – the white and sky blue- who can boasts having the current best player in the world –lionel Messi and one of the greatest of all time Diego Maradona must get serious mention . However, I have to say the combination of vibrant colors and fierce characters in unique names like the Orange Lions (Netherlands/Dutch) and La Furia Roja-The Red Fury (Spain) stands out as being really captivating. The color designation makes it interesting and you can count on a stadium filled with people wearing that particular color doing the beautiful wave.

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