February 14, 2013

Valentine’s day is celebrated in many countries and has come to be known as a day to express love bountifully. Love often travels fast to one’s heart by way of the stomach.  It is also often a good idea to include known aphrodisiacs such as oysters, calamari and chocolate into your plans, but why not put an international twist on a romantic night.  Be spontaneous, take your special someone to an exotic location, perhaps without leaving your country or state.

costa rica

Costa Rican Ceviche

GrubPassport.com suggests five foods that would add some global flavor to your Valentine’s day experience.  Why not start of with Costa Rican Ceviche made of white fish and hot chili served with crackers or Tonga’s Ota Ika made with fresh tuna chilled with lemon juice and topped with coconut milk and red chili.


Ethopian Wat

You can also try Wat, a favored national dish of Ethiopia- tender flavorful chicken in red pepper paste and Singapore’s Chili crab.  You can crown the evening with Bak lava– a delicious pastry from Albania.

On a recent Leonard Lopate show  on WNYC in New York, New York Times columnist, Melissa Clark mentioned  some additional suggestions that can make your Valentine’s day special including: “sharing and eating from the same plate” of your sweetheart and cooking together such as “interactive homemade pizza making.”

In any case, GrubPassport.com can be your guide to transforming your Valentine’s day  into an unforgettable night filled with romance and exotic culinary treats. Check out our links to restaurants serving various signature foods and links to recipes for those wanting to prepare a fun dish for their special someone.  Happy Valentine’s Day!