January 31, 2013

During a 60 minutes interview, the President of the United States, Barack Obama recently shared his admiration for outgoing Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s discipline and stamina while noting that she might go down as one of the finest Secretary of State the U.S has ever had. She has logged a lot of miles and traveled to a record of 112 countries during her tenure.

We at GrubPassport.com wondered what “Hillary’s GrubPassport” might look like as she journeyed around the world in less than four years. Hence we will begin a periodic blog post documenting some iconic foods that Hilary might have feasted on during her travels.  We will attempt to find and visit local restaurants that serve signature dishes from all 112 countries that Hillary visited and share what our thoughts on each one.

We plan on learning more about at least 2 countries and the respective iconic cuisine each month starting in February 2013.  Doing the math, we believe we should complete the list of 112 countries coincidentally somewhere around November 2016.

We hope to get your suggestions and input on which countries and restaurants to highlight and look forward to engaging like minded food and travel enthusiasts! Not to worry we will also closely monitor the travel plans of incoming Secretary John Kerry and perhaps have his GrubPassport in the future.

“Hillary’s GrubPassport” might be the envy of most people. Our hope is that this exercise would be a fun way to encourage young girls and boys to learn about the world through the window of food.