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Irish Stew

March 17th is most commonly known as Saint Patrick’s Day or what is classically referred to as the “Feast of Saint Patrick” – a day celebrating the heritage and culture of the Irish.   Comedian Conan O’Brien, Non-Stop actor Liam Neeson and surprisingly actresses Megan Fox and Olivia Wilde all have solid Irish roots.  Given the talent that this country has provided the world and the occasion, GrubPassport  takes flight to explore the great cuisine of Ireland.

There is no better time to taste some of the best and iconic fares of Ireland such as the delicious Irish beef stew and the popular side dish, Colcannon usually made with mashed potatoes and kale.  Whether you are wearing your green hat, or welcoming the luck of the Irish do make sure to taste the best of Ireland.


Irish Colcannon

Need a few ideas on where to spend your St. Patrick’s day? If you are in New York, check out the local CBS NYC’s 7 Best Irish local Pubs piece and for those heading to Boston perhaps for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade check out Ten Great St. Patrick’s Day Food and Drink events by Boston Magazine.

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