This weekend we sought out to make one of the iconic dishes from  We try to have a monthly “GrubPassport dinner night”,  where we choose a country from and cook a signature meal that would be regularly eaten in that country ; we then discuss various aspects and information about the country as a learning opportunity at the dinner table.

Tangine Moroccan Chicken Plate

Tangine Moroccan Chicken Plate

There were many choices, but my mind wandered back to visit some years ago to a beautiful home that was owned by a Moroccan family.   I remembered the exquisite  artwork that covered the walls and the authentic  décor in every room.   In particular, the dining room stood out and it was carefully set for dinner; I stood there talking to my friend as she shared with me more about the Moroccan culture and cuisine with much enthusiasm.  Hence, it seemed only right that this weekend I attempt to make a well-known Moroccan dish, Chicken Tagine,  for the enjoyment of my family.

I immediately went to the website, chose my destination- Morocco and  followed the link to the Moroccan Tangine recipe.  Most of the ingredients were common and found in my pantry or refrigerator.  There were chops of vegetables, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and onions.  However, I had to make a quick run out the local Grade A supermarket to pick up some saffron and olives.

I followed the recipe and from the looks of my husband’s face as he ravaged the food, I can proclaim that it came out very well. It also offered me the chance to discuss with my family some of the relevant facts about Morocco, while also enjoying an exotic tasty meal at the dinner table.

It is also worth noting that Morocco is also on “Hillary’s GrubPassport” as  Secretary Clinton visited the country on November 2-3 2009 and it is quite possible that she might have tasted a signature dish such as Chicken Tangine.

The value of trying different foods and learning about various cultures can never be underestimated.  If you have a similar experience, we look forward to your thoughts and ask you to share your experience.