Food has always been recognized as a great way to interact with the outside world.  Hence at we endeavored to write about some international themed lunches around the New York City area.  This week we chose a Dominican Restaurant in New York City.

Photo Courtesy of Mangu Dominican Kitchen

Photo Courtesy of Mangu Dominican Kitchen

Colleagues working in Midtown Manhattan ventured with us to a restaurant that boasted foods from the Dominican Republic- Mangu restaurant (also known as the Dominican Kitchen) located  at 158 East 45th Street in Manhattan, New York.  We sampled the iconic Dominican dish of Sancocho and their lunch special oxtail stew with rice and beans.  We also tasted Mangu’s steak with onions dish with white rice and red beans. The price was reasonable starting at $8.75 for the lunch special.

The staff at Mangu were pleasant and we also interacted with other diners at the restaurant who are members of the Dominican diaspora in New York; they shared with us a bit about their home country of Dominican Republic evidencing pride in their ancestral cuisine and culture.

Ultimately, it was a great lunch experience at Mangu’s restaurant and on the cuisine scale, the grub was rated a solid SILVER.

If you have been to Mangu Restaurant, share your thoughts or if you have another restaurant that should be included in the Lunch Series email us at or by Twitter @GrubPassport.


GrubPassport Rating Scale:

Platinum– Heavenly- Simply out of this world

Gold– Scrumptious- lick your fingers good

Silver– Tasty, will try occasionally

Bronze – Palatable, I survived

Wood– Atrocious- belongs on “Fear Factor”