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Travel + Leisure October 01, 2018

What’s the best place you’ve traveled for food — and where are you hungry to go next? That’s what Travel + Leisure, in collaboration with our sister title Food & Wine, asked our favorite chefs and influencers.

We selected their best finds, together with the spots still on their bucket lists. From a foraging camp in Sweden to a fried-chicken-fueled road trip through the American South, home-style cooking in Fiji to fine dining in Tokyo, here’s inspiration for your next food-themed trip.

José Andrés: Eating Conch in the Caribbean

It’s the stuff of vacation legend: that relaxed, authentic shack serving fantastic local seafood. Travel + Leisure joins irrepressible Spanish chef José Andrés on an excursion to get fresh conch in the Bahamas.

Find out the secret to “Boom”-worthy conch sauce.


Zac Posen: Scandinavian Classics in Norway

“I had a babysitter from Norway, so we grew up with an appreciation for pickled herring, licorice, and fish balls. I’d love to go experience them in their native setting,” says fashion designer Zac Posen.

Melissa Lee, a member of the Travel + Leisure A-List, can plan a food-fueled tour of Norway with her team at Royal Travel.


Tim Mondavi: Drinking Italian Wine Al Fresco in Tuscany

“Food is something to be celebrated with friends and family — to me, that is more important than the excellence of the food alone. La Pineta, a restaurant on the beach in Bolgheri, Tuscany, is for me a perfect combination of nostalgia, great food, and a beautiful setting,” says Tim Mondavi, winemaker at Continuum Estate. “I have fond memories of going there with the wine-making families of the region, the Frescobaldis and the Antinoris. The chef-owner, Luciano Zazzeri’s family have been fishermen there for generations. They are wonderful people, and they work with the freshest seafood, so everything is incredibly flavorful.”


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