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Grub Info

Grub Points: 15

Popular Grub:

Rice and Beans with Stewed Chicken and Potato Salad
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Fish Serre
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Popular Beverage: Belikin Beer

Where to Grub:
Bogota Latin Bristo
Nel & John’s Belizean & American Restaurant

Travel Info

Capital City: Belmopan
Popular Destination: Belize Barrier Reef Reserve
International Calling Code: .+501
W.H.O. Healthcare System Ranking: 69
Internet Penetration Rate: 14.00%

Cultural Info

Major Language: Spanish
Local Greeting: Hola. Usted es hermosa.
Nickname of National Soccer Team: The Jaguars
Notable Personality: N/A
Popular Athlete: Shane Orio
Top Selling Car Brand: N/A

Economic Info

Population (rank): 321,115 (117)
GDP/Per Capita Income: $8,400 (2010 est.)
Major Country Exports: (1) Sugar
(2) Bananas
Currency: Belize Dollar