By Tyler Golec

A good foodie city usually needs access to fantastic ingredients, influence from a variety of cultures for shared tastes, a long history of delicious cooking, and a population that’s passionate about food. All of this can be found in Athens, Greece.

Travelers likely don’t need a history lesson to understand the magic of Athens and everything travelers can experience there, but they could probably use a guide. For those new to Athens, exploring popular foodie destinations in the city can be daunting, but in the hands of local food experts, travelers will be able to kick off their time in Athens swimmingly.

This Gourmet Food Tour through Athens isn’t only a great way for travelers to enjoy the flavors of the city but also a great way to get to know it, making the rest of their time in the city more enjoyable too.

What To Expect On This Gourmet Athens Food Tour

Foodies venturing to Athens should not miss out on this 4-hour gourmet tasting tour. Travelers will have the chance to sample some of the most sought-after edible delights in the city. This is a walking tour, which is honestly great because it gives travelers a chance to digest, that is led by a local food expert who will be able to guide travelers through their adventure to uncover the secret delight of Greek cuisine while learning a bit about the city and its culinary heritage. Some treats travelers can look forward to enjoying are sweet donuts, Greek bread, regional cheeses, Greek wine, and freshly brewed coffee. Some things travelers may be able to try for the first time (assuming they aren’t frequent visitors to Greece) are specialties like koulóuria, rings of sesame bread, and loukoumades, also known as Greek donuts. Travelers can even look forward to exploring destinations like Varvakios Agora with a guide, so they can be sure they will get the most out of being there. It really is a foodie’s dream tour to have the chance to sample such delicious Grecian food and sip on Grecian wine. Even tasting the local olive oil is unforgettable.

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