by Client Davis

Unfortunately, sometimes the food and entertainment at your favorite team’s home stadium is better than the actual play on the field. That’s especially true when your team’s venue offers a 2-pound chicken tender that’s placed upon a bed of waffle fries. I mean, even the Murderers’ Row Yankees couldn’t compete with that kind of extra-baseball activity happening in their stadium.

Today, it seems like stadiums across all sports are constantly trying to outdo one another when it comes to offering the most insane menu items for fans to chow down on during games. We looked across North America and found the most outrageous foods being sold at stadiums and arenas.

Warning: These meals are not for the faint of heart.


Fritos Pie Corn Dog (Minute Maid Park)

OK, so your dietitian isn’t going to recommend this meal, but we sure are. The Fritos Pie Corn Dog, created by the mad scientists in the kitchens at Aramark, is a serious entree that can be found at the home of MLB’s Houston Astros. Tons of stadiums offer foot-long hot dogs — we’ll see more on this list — but this bad boy is breaded with Fritos and deep fried. Then, it’s covered in melty cheese and Texas-style chili.


S’mores Nutella Bites (Citi Field)

The first of several incredible desserts we’re featuring on this list, this decadent treat is being sold at a stand that’s appropriately called Stuf’d, at New York’s Citi Field. The S’mores Nutella Bites feature marshmallow fluff, Nutella and chunks of dark chocolate smashed between two pieces of challah bread French toast that’s crusted with graham crackers. The whole thing is then drizzled with a maple dulce de leche syrup. Sounds like a great way to finish a Mets game!


The Fowl Pole (Globe Life Park in Arlington)

The home stadium of MLB’s Texas Rangers is well known for its insane menu items — like the infamous 2-foot long hot dog called the Boom Stick — and you can add this entree to its legend. The aptly titled Fowl Pole was introduced ahead of the 2019 baseball season and immediately stole headlines. It’s a single, immense chicken tender that weighs in at 2 pounds. As if that wasn’t enough to fill you up, the Fowl Pole is laid upon a bed of waffle fries. It costs $27.50 and is so worth it.


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