Precious Kamei
September 17, 2017

Here’s a list of food mashups that are going big in NYC

Are you in New York City and happened to be a foodie? And by that we mean a brave foodie. If Yes, here’s a list of some quirky food creations that, some thought, would give an edge to the same old ‘normal’ food. On that note, a serving of spaghetti doughnut, please!

Mac and Cheese Spring Roll
Take the traditional baked macaroni and cheese and wrap it in a roll and fry it. And now you have a new variant of snacks—Mac and Cheese Spring Roll. Find this in the 24-hour restaurant Cafeteria located on the 119 Seventh Ave, Chelsea, Manhattan.

It’s almost cruel to separate burgers and fries, they belong together. Better still, bring them closer, wrap them in a tortilla—now you have a burgrito. A creation of Burgrito’s (173 4th Ave, Gowanus, Brooklyn), the dish is minus the buns and instead you have all the goodness of a burger and fries wrapped in tortilla.

Spaghetti Doughnut
If you are worried about sweetened pasta, this is not it. You will only be eating spaghetti shaped like a doughnut. Makes spaghetti eating less messy, isn’t it? Or shall we say, spaghetti on the go? If you are at the Smorgasburg, grab one of these by Pop Pasta—they come in six flavours, bolognese and carbonara included. You can find Pop Pasta in 90 Kent Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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