Candice Minch

For parents in a family with food allergies, the thought of traveling away from home to a different country can be both exciting and scary at the same time! While those with food sensitivities are aware of standard precautions ranging from epipens to “safe snacks,” there are always uncertainties about eating safety. Travel comes in many forms, ranging from pleasure to business.

Traveling can be chock full of hesitation for everyone, including food sensitive children, teenagers and adults. The trip may be avoided altogether, if there are too many questions and no evident answers/solutions.

Some new tools are here to bolster travel confidence and minimize the fears of the unknown when venturing out to explore new destinations. Even better, these new safeguards are easily accessible via the internet and contact with the mode transportation being used

3 Amazing Travel Tools:

1. Language cards to Communicate Allergies
One of the greatest challenges in travel is the ability to say what you mean — clear as you can. Language cards that provide the visual and word in 30 language of the specific country (ies) will provide the clarity and all but eliminate confusion! Translation cards from Canada are available in 30 languages for under $10. Cards cover 200+ foods/other items and are a portable credit card size. Best of all, they can be printed on your computer with your specific food allergies.


Language cards are an essential and effective way to safely navigate a destination with a foreign language.

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