If you are one of those curious souls that love to trek around the globe in search of great cuisine or good grub, have a love for history or generally like to enjoy new cultures, then Italy might be one of those irresistible countries for one to visit.

The capital city of Rome is family-friendly with historical landmarks that come alive with lively tour guides that seem to relish regaling tourists with the immense history of this famous city and the colorful characters that have ruled this great city.

Take the tour of the Colosseum, the famous amphitheater located at the center of Rome and come under the magnetic storytelling of enthusiastic tour guides that usher you into a time and place where gladiators competed in front of crowds of 50,000 screaming spectators.

After seeing the Colosseum, run over to the Spanish steps to get a good view of the people of Rome and perhaps test your endurance by running up and down these famous 135 steps designed by Francesco de Sanctis.

No trip to Italy is complete without going to see Vatican City, a city state surrounded by Rome and of course the Sistine Chapel with its famous Michelangelo’s ceiling.

While in Rome, you could also take the short train ride to the beautiful city of Florence, the capital of the Tuscany region of Italy boasting awe inspiring buildings and cathedrals such as Duomo, Baptistry of St John and Basicilia of St. Croce.

If you ventured to Italy and did not get a taste of the best pasta, pizza or gelato arguably in the world then you may have committed the unpardonable sin or at least can be declared guilty of a crime punishable by shaming or insults.  Perhaps that is an overstatement, but the grub in Italy is delicious and worth traveling overseas to enjoy.

The pizza tasted like it was made with the same care and artistry as Michelangelo and the pasta and tomato sauce danced flawlessly on your palette like Olympic skaters and left you yearning for more Italian grub despite your concern for your waistline.  The Italian gelato is also the perfect cold refreshment that make the summer heat more tolerable.

When possible, we definitely encourage everyone to Grub up Italy and get a taste of one of the most amazing historical countries in the world.