Imagine you are one of those people not unlike your favorite uncle was a generation ago who hears the hullabaloo about the magnificence of blockchains, decentralized protocols, decentralized apps and other buzzwords that you quasi comprehend but fully understand that this new world of innovation is fast approaching.  You read all you can about blockchains and even dabble here are there but you secretly wish that your blockchain experience could be as seamless and user friendly as your Apple iPhone and the corresponding Apple app ecosystem.

Imagine you are one of the true believers in the transformative power of a truly decentralized web and have a somewhat unhealthy disdain but perfectly understandable contempt for the current overlords of the centralized internet landscape. Suffice to say that Google or is it Alphabet? Or Facebook and Amazon don’t give you that warm and fuzzy feeling.  You honestly value the benefits that these centralized gatekeepers provide such as the easy search function that Google enables or the fact that Amazon allows you to buy the most amazing products to be delivered with free shipping (for the recently increased prime membership) while sitting on a beach. However, you have read Tim Berners Lee’s seminal work “Information Management: A Proposal” five times  and share his conception of the World Wide Web as royalty free technology unleashing the a global and collaborative world and you yearn to have a solution that combines the benefits of centralization with a decentralization ethos.

Imagine you are the person your friends consider the Warren Buffet of blockchain because you have the mindset of a  long-term value  investor and you peruse all the latest crypto news sources in search for the next project that has the opportunity to not only transform the world through disruptive technology but also provide exceptional returns for early supporters.  Your criteria for choosing these “hodl projects” include: stellar and experienced team, a well thought out game-changing solution to a viable problem with an expansive market and a strong and growing community of supporters.  If only you could come across such a project on your morning read-through on your commute.

Imagine no more. The solution is here.  Cardstack, an open source framework and consensus protocol that seeks to be the experience layer of the decentralized internet is worth your attention. Cardstack has an impressive leadership team led by brilliant founder and Head of Product Chris Tse who is a co-founder of Monegraph & Dot blockchain and formerly head of R&D Mcgraw-Hill E-labs and holds a Computer Science degree from Columbia University. Other key contributors on the Cardstack project include Ed Fualker, formerly of MIT Media Labs, Jacqueline Thong, Head of Operations and lead designer Chris Gardella formerly of Apple.

The Cardstack project aims to address a huge pain point of how best to shepherd the powerful capabilities of the blockchain to a mass audience that might not fully understand the underlying protocols and infrastructure undergirding the technology. Cardstack seeks to accomplish this by designing a full stack integration paradigm that will enable a cohesive, seamless user experience in navigating all the various parts of the blockchain ecosystem. Furthermore, Cardstack seeks to utilize the cost efficiency of cloud computing to empower blockchain solutions and ease the road to wide-scale adoption of decentralized solutions.  Additionally, the Cardstack team has envisioned a future world when decentralized apps are more popularized and the challenge of managing the complexity in a manner that does not replicate the current centralized world where certain gateway entities such as Amazon Web Services, Facebook and Google have outsized control and reap most of the rewards.  Cardstack endeavors to organize a strong community of believers who seek a new ecosystem where the benefits of centralization can be harnessed in an open sourced fashion and create a vibrant software architecture that serves as the genesis of a true decentralized counterweight to the established centralized players.

Undoubtedly, Cardstack has the leadership team, technological capabilities and community support that gives me confidence that they can successfully realize their game-changing vision.  History shows that early supporters and investors of visionary projects yield massive returns. This project also has that unquantifiable “it” factor that experienced lens may be able to see more clearly and hence should seriously gain one’s attention.

Cardstack might be one of those rare blockchain projects that not only might put a smile on early investors’ faces but also dramatically change our world for the better and facilitate the mass adoption of the blockchain.

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Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is intended for information purposes only.  It is not intended as financial or investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency

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