By Kel Jack

Imagine you finally mustered the courage to ask out the lady of your dreams and on your first date at the new restaurant you order the most expensive fish on the menu to impress her. The advertised “wild caught salmon” cost almost half your rent but taste worse than the $1 fish sandwich at the local fast food restaurant. If only you could be assured that you got what you paid for and you are not a victim of seafood fraud.

Imagine your aunt asked her favorite niece to buy her needed medicine and you scour the internet and luckily find an affordable medication that could be a life saver for Aunt Susie. On one hand you like the fact that you found a cheaper version of the drug but you also wonder why the drug is cheaper. Is it of the highest quality? How can you know that your beloved auntie will ingest something that will cure her ailment and not make it worse?

Imagine you are the general manager of a new high end grocery store catering to the most health conscious college educated clientele. Your shelves are stocked with items that proclaim to have the freshest and highest quality products and to the best of your knowledge they are. Yet you have also read the reports that mention all the food related recalls due to mislabeling of ingredients, wrong storage temperatures and inadequate processing. You begin to have sleepless nights wondering when one of your customers would be negatively affected by this and begin to mentally calculate the legal cost to defend the store’s potential lawsuits and reputational damage.

Imagine you were told of a solution where you could be assured the origin of the food you eat at a restaurant and get what you paid for, the medicine you take is safe and the products at your local grocery store are high quality as advertised.

Imagine no more. The solution is here. Ambrosus, the world’s first blockchain based, community driven ecosystem that seeks to assure the quality, safety and origins of products. Ambrosus employs high-tech sensors to assess and monitor in real time a product’s movement across the supply chain including the product’s physical attributes and storage temperatures. Furthermore, it utilizes smart contracts that allow commercial agreements between suppliers to self-execute based on quality and safety data generated by sensors.

Ambrosus represents the best of how blockchain technology can have a positive impact on our lives by providing quality of essential life products such as food and medicine. They are building this unique ecosystem, and in doing so, may offer a new approach to food and medicine in the future. Find out more at