Perhaps Los Angeles is most known for its iconic basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers who can successfully claim to be one of the storied franchises in all of sports.  Hollywood might also be another reason for people to seek to visit the great city of angels.  Perhaps another reason to take one’s family to […]

Laura Manske , Contributor Food and travel are deliciously entwined — forks in the road, scooping up horizon-savoring experiences. Here are 16 new sweet reads that stir a strong sense of place: travelogues spiced with foodie know-how; cookbooks layered with regional flair; memoir-luscious looks at culinary-focused passions, places and people. They all offer plenty of […]

Hidden in the heart of Europe lies the land of emperors, waltz and schnitzel. A paradise for skiers, hikers and city lovers all in one. From the steep hills of the Alps to the magnificent palaces of Vienna, every tourist can find something just to their taste.

Imagine you are one of those people not unlike your favorite uncle was a generation ago who hears the hullabaloo about the magnificence of blockchains, decentralized protocols, decentralized apps and other buzzwords that you quasi comprehend but fully understand that this new world of innovation is fast approaching.  You read all you can about blockchains […]