Food has always been recognized as a great way to interact with the outside world. Hence at we endeavored to write about some international themed lunches around the New York City area. This week we chose a Dominican Restaurant in New York City.

Drunken Noodles

With hectic schedules it can prove to be difficult to coordinate social gatherings amongst friends, so whenever there is an opportunity we seize it. Recently, the stars lined up and…

“Hillary’s GrubPassport” #2 – South Korea and Vietnam

In a brilliant piece in Foreign Policy, it was noted that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton now holds the distinction of being the most traveled Secretary of state totaling 112 countries, 2084.21 hours (or 86.8 days), and racking up 956,733 miles. We wondered if she had the opportunity to sample the iconic dishes of each of the 112 countries she visited or in other words what Hillary’s GrubPassport might look like?

GrubPassport Oscars 2013

With the 2013 Oscars now over, the post-Oscars frenzy begins as we try to catch up on some of the Oscar-winning and nominated films, or look for more affordable replicas…

GrubPassport Dinner Night

This weekend we sought out to make one of the iconic dishes from  We try to have a monthly “GrubPassport dinner night”,  where we choose a country from…

Valentine’s Day Grub!

Valentine’s day is celebrated in many countries and has come to be known as a day to express love bountifully. Love often travels fast to one’s heart by way of the stomach. It is also often a good idea to include known aphrodisiacs such as oysters, calamari and chocolate into your plans, but why not put an international twist on a romantic night.

Super Bowl Grub with a Global Touch

With the Super Bowl XLVII underway at the Mercedes Benz Superdome, as fans root for their favorite teams, food once again can bring both sides together. Chips, buffalo wings, salsa and dip have become staple Super Bowl foods. This Super Bowl, add some global touches to your Super Bowl favorites.