Happy Saint Patrick’s Day: Get a Taste of Ireland

There is no better time to taste some of the best and iconic fares of Ireland such as the delicious Irish beef stew and the popular side dish, Colcannon usually made with mashed potatoes and kale. Whether you are wearing your green hat, or welcoming the luck of the Irish do make sure to taste the best of Ireland.

Chocolate World Expo

Jan 27, 2014 As Valentine’s day inches closer, it was only fitting that sweathearts got a head start on the some of the most tasteful chocolates from all over the…

GrubOff: Thai Landing vs. Thai Arroy

My quest to find the best Pad Thai and Pad Kee Mao dishes, has landed me in Baltimore, Maryland. When asking my friends where I could find the best Thai dishes, there were several choices, however two of the most noted were Thai Landing and Thai Arroy.


Food has always been recognized as a great way to interact with the outside world. Hence at GrubPassport.com we endeavored to write about some international themed lunches around the New York City area. This week we chose a Lebanese Restaurant in New York City.